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The Portus Previews & MuggleCast interview Jim Dale!

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Mar. 18th, 2008 | 10:48 pm
posted by: zz_portus in portus_2008

Interview with Jim Dale

This past weekend, The Portus Previews & MuggleCast had the honor of interviewing acclaimed narrator of the US and Canadian Harry Potter books, Jim Dale.

Mr. Dale is a Tony and Grammy award winning actor and will be presenting at Portus this summer in Dallas. For more information on Mr. Dale’s presentations at Portus, you can read the latest edition of the Portal here.

There are several ways you can listen to our interview with Jim Dale:

  1. You can subscribe through iTunes by searching for "Portus Previews".
  2. You can enter the following: http://www.hp2008.org/podcast.xml into your podcast player’s "Subscribe" field.
  3. For some users, clicking the link directly will work too.
Part 1 of the interview can be heard by downloading Mugglecast Episode 137 via iTunes or by visiting their website.

For more information on Jim Dale and Portus, stay tuned to our monthly newsletter, The Portal to which you can subscribe by visiting our subscription page.


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