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Website Update

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May. 8th, 2008 | 08:33 am
mood: cheerful
posted by: bekkio in portus_2008

We learned this week that our server's hard drive crashed completely. Luckily, we had backups of much of the content of the various events' sites - but we didn't have a complete backup of the database from the forums. And unfortunately, both people at our site host who can go in and remove the broken hard drive so we can do data recovery measures on it are unavailable this week (one because of a family tragedy, and one because of end-of-school-term issues). We hope to have the hard drive in hand by the end of the week, and get the forums up at that point. We are also re-loading all the content for portus_2008 and the other events to the new server, and those should be back online by the weekend.

Thanks for your support and patience, and don't forget that you can still register for Portus 2008, and make your reservation at the Hilton Anatole and enjoy our pseudo-forums at going2portus.

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